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BREAKING REPORT: South Sudan General Stores Fortune in International Banks, as Half the Nation Starves

The Sentry’s new investigative report spotlights documents indicating top army general has amassed a fortune through questionable deals in energy, construction and explosives; U.N. says same general is partly behind violence in Unity state that led to famine May 31, 2017 — A new investigative report released today by The Sentry, “Making a Fortune While Making a Famine,” reveals […]

By Enough Team

May 31, 2017

Congressmembers Urge Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to Target Kleptocratic Leaders Behind War and Famine in South Sudan

Republicans and Democrats join in letter to Treasury Department calling for use of anti-money laundering measures and targeted sanctions targeting corrupt networks Washington, D.C.  –  Yesterday, a group of bipartisan Members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin, urging him to “play a leading role in utilizing the full range of financial tools […]

By Enough Team

May 9, 2017

New “Enough Forum” Report – “A Way Out?”

Today, the Enough Forum published a new paper “A Way Out? Models for negotiating an exit plan for entrenched leadership in South Sudan.” The author of the paper, whose name remains confidential due to security reasons, states that the outbreak of conflict in Juba, in July 2016 rendered the August 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) dead, as one of the principal signatories of the agreement former First Vice President Riek Machar fled the country.

By Enough Team

March 28, 2017

Daily Beast Op-ed: Corrupt Leaders Thrust South Sudan Into Famine and Abject Ruin

A legacy of corruption and violence has finally caught up to South Sudan, the world’s newest country, as the United Nations has declared a full-blown famine, a rare designation not made for any part of the world since 2011. Multiple UN officials have additionally warned that the country, riven by armed conflict, stands on the brink of genocide.

By Enough Team

March 22, 2017

Despite Assurances, South Sudanese Government Continues to Impede Aid Efforts

Last month, the United Nations declared famine in parts of South Sudan with 100,000 people currently facing starvation and a further one million on the brink of famine. Despite such alarming reports, South Sudan’s government has put up roadblocks impeding international humanitarian aid efforts trying to reach those severely affected by the crisis. A recent report by the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs stated that “Aid workers continue to face multiple obstacles to the delivery of humanitarian assistance across South Sudan, including active hostilities, access denials, and bureaucratic impediments.”

By Megha Swamy

March 13, 2017

Washington Post Op-ed: South Sudan’s Government-made Famine

Official, U.N.-declared famines are a rare phenomenon. The last one worldwide was six years ago, in Somalia. Famines are declared officially when people have already begun to starve to death. It is the diplomatic equivalent of a seven-alarm fire. That is where the youngest country in the world, South Sudan, finds itself today, as 100,000 face immediate starvation and another 1 million are on its brink.

By Enough Team

March 9, 2017

Corruption Continues to Blight Several African Countries

Transparency International recently released the results of its 2016 Corruptions Perceptions Index, a survey of perceived levels of corruption in the public sectors of 176 countries and territories. “No country,” Transparency International immediately observes, “gets close to a perfect score.” In fact, corruption perceptions grew worse, not better, for most countries in 2016. 

By Megha Swamy

February 22, 2017

Missing the Point on South Sudan

On January 18, Ambassador Donald Booth took the stage at the United States Institute of Peace to reflect on his tenure as U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan. During this discussion, Booth’s mention of the missed opportunities for meaningful action early in South Sudan’s civil war was noticeably absent. While lamenting miscalculations regarding the selfish ways of the country’s political leaders and wondering how the new administration could “incentivize” peace, he failed to reflect on what might have been the administration’s most consequential decision . . . or lack thereof.

By Ian Schwab

February 6, 2017

Kenya Must Release Aggrey Idri and Dong Samuel

On January 24, in a worrying move, Kenyan authorities detained two South Sudanese activists, Aggrey Idri and Dong Samuel in Nairobi. They are affiliated with South Sudan’s political opposition and are currently at risk of being deported to Juba.

By Enough Team

January 26, 2017