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Enough is a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity that incubates new and innovative public-interest projects and grant-making programs. Founded in 2007, Enough focuses primarily on crises in Sudan, South Sudan, eastern Congo, and areas of Africa affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Enough seeks to build leverage for peace and justice in Africa by helping to create real consequences for the perpetrators and facilitators of genocide and other mass atrocities. Enough aims to counter rights-abusing armed groups and violent kleptocratic regimes that are fueled by grand corruption, transnational crime and terror, and the pillaging and trafficking of minerals, ivory, diamonds, and other natural resources. Enough conducts field research in conflict zones, develops and advocates for policy recommendations, supports social movements in affected countries, and mobilizes public campaigns.

Current Job Openings

The Enough Project is seeking to fill the positions listed below. We do anticipate other openings in the future and encourage you to check our site often. Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match the current needs of the organization will be considered applicants and will receive responses from the Enough Project. Thank you for your interest in the Enough Project.


The Enough Project and its partner investigative initiative The Sentry seek an experienced Editor responsible for executing and managing a comprehensive editorial, review, and quality assurance process for all reports, policy briefs, presentations, and other written materials.

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Communications Associate

The Enough Project seeks a Communications Associate, responsible for supporting all communications department activities and responsibilities for the Enough Project and its investigative initiative The Sentry, including support for digital communications, social media, media relations, and donor development efforts.

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Educational Consultant

The Educational Consultant will provide a study guide to accompany the book that can be used in college and high school classrooms.

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Advocacy Associate, Activism

The Advocacy Associate will be responsible for coordinating the offline community engagement work of Enough’s student-based campaign initiatives, including running Enough’s Student Upstander Program, as well as general advocacy work with Enough’s activist community. The Advocacy Associate will also engage in campaigns related to the investigative work of The Sentry.

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Senior Advisor for the UK, The Sentry

The incumbent will serve as The Sentry’s senior subject matter expert in the UK on financial tools of leverage such as economic sanctions, AML/CFT advisories and regulations, civil and criminal law enforcement investigations, and other administrative and legal mechanisms to alter the incentive structure of those benefitting financially and politically from conflict and mass atrocities in the DRC, CAR, South Sudan, and Sudan.

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Investigative Journalist (UK/Europe), The Sentry

The Investigator works to plan and execute public investigations for The Sentry, an investigative initiative launched by Enough in 2015 to expose a counter the financing of conflict and mass atrocities in Africa. This position works to ensure that investigative efforts support the policy goals of Enough.

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Investigations Officer, The Sentry

The Investigations Officer of The Sentry works closely with the Senior Investigations Manager, Enough Policy Director, and Founding Director of Enough to plan and execute investigations for one of the five countries covered by The Sentry, an investigative initiative launched by Enough in 2015 to counter the financing of conflict and mass atrocities in Africa. This position works to ensure that investigative efforts support the policy goals of Enough.

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