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Tag: South Sudan

Post-Electoral Tensions Prompt South Sudan Army Defection

Election-related threats by a renegade general of the southern Sudanese army signal a worrisome trend for a region where security has been undermined by ethnic tensions, the wide proliferation of arms, and a disorganized army of soldiers whose loyalties often lie more with individual commanders than the institution itself.

By Amanda Hsiao

May 5, 2010

Election Lessons For South Sudan's Referendum

The SPLM’s Dr. Itto made a compelling case yesterday that the National Electoral Commission, or NEC, could have done more to anticipate and resolve election irregularities prior to the start of polling “if they had had the will to do something.”

By Maggie Fick

April 15, 2010

Prioritize Security Sector Reform In South Sudan

As Africa’s largest country—positioned in arguably the most strategic and volatile corner of the continent—prepares for a likely split into two nations next year, security sector reform in the South will be an issue that the international community cannot afford to ignore.

By Maggie Fick

April 14, 2010

South Sudan Clashes in 2010 So Far Rival Violence in 2009

Inter-communal fighting is only the tip of the iceberg when surveying the South Sudan’s complex security landscape. One disturbing trend in this year’s violence is the number of incidents between southern Sudanese soldiers and civilians, particularly in areas where the army is conducting civilian disarmament campaigns.

By Maggie Fick and Amanda Hsiao

March 26, 2010

Glimpse of South Sudan from the Back of a Motorbike

In addition to my work as an analyst in southern Sudan, I like to impart stories about everyday life in Sudan, since elections, violence, and political agreements are just some of the elements of the reality of life for southern Sudanese people and for foreigners like me living in the country.

By Maggie Fick

February 23, 2010

Political Opposition Stifled In North, South Sudan

The latest brief from Human Rights Watch on violations of political rights in both North and South Sudan makes a very simple point: much (maybe too much) will have to be done between now and April before elections in Sudan can truly become the vehicle of profound democratic change for the Sudanese people.

By Amanda Hsiao

January 27, 2010

In Calm Pocket of South Sudan, Cautious Optimism for the Future

In a strange sort of way, it was almost reassuring to hear people complaining about the trees. Compared to the grievances one typically hears when talking to people about their lives and their fears for the future in southern Sudan, the mango tree controversy seemed more like a public relations problem for the local government than anything else.

By Laura Heaton

January 19, 2010

BBC Asks Callers: Can South Sudan Be A Viable State?

In a debate today on the BBC call-in show “Africa Have Your Say,” callers from many African countries shared their views on the prospect of southern independence and reflected on issues facing the possible state and broader region.

By Amy Doherty

January 13, 2010

Aid Groups: Int’l Community Must Act To Thwart Violence in South Sudan

The international community has a significant role to play in addressing the myriad humanitarian problems plaguing southern Sudan, a half-decade after the signing of a peace agreement, or CPA, that officially ended hostilities between the North and the South. So says a new report by 10 aid agencies.

By Amanda Hsiao

January 7, 2010

South Sudan VP: Talks Over Referendum, Elections Progressing

South Sudan Vice President Riek Machar has returned to Juba after 12 days of negotiations in Khartoum with the North’s Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, and he reports that they’re making progress. According to Machar, who was quoted in the Sudan Tribune, the two sides have come closer to agreeing on the required turnout for the referendum.

By Amanda Hsiao

November 13, 2009

Talks Advance on South Sudan's Independence Vote

Months of talks between North and South Sudan over plans for the highly-anticipated vote on South Sudan’s independence are beginning to show progress, according to both northern and southern officials.

By Amanda Hsiao

October 22, 2009

Mapping Violence in South Sudan

We thought it would be useful to plot details of major attacks in South Sudan on a map to draw a picture of the increasing violence as the clock ticks toward national elections next year and the self-determination referendum in 2011.

By Amanda Hsiao

September 25, 2009

Violence in South Sudan Raises Alarm over Health of Peace Deal

South Sudan was once again hit with violence this week when Lou Nuer militiamen attacked a Dinka village, leaving 76 dead, 46 injured and 1,800 homeless, according to officials cited by the L.A. Times. Among those dead were 20 government security officers who were defending the village. The particulars of this attack fit the pattern of the recent wave of violence in South Sudan.

By Amanda Hsiao

September 23, 2009

Amid Sporadic Violence in South Sudan, a Common Link?

The U.N. has confirmed another attack in southern Sudan’s violence-wracked and remote Jonglei state, leaving 46 people dead and 15 in critical condition. The weekend attack forced an estimated 24,000 people to flee, according to a local official who spoke to the Associated Press. The U.N. estimates that more than 2000 people have died and […]

By Laura Heaton and Maggie Fick

September 1, 2009

Hunger Epidemic Threatens South Sudan

Amid the mounting political challenges in Sudan, the United Nations signaled this week that it is gearing up for a massive food shortage in southern Sudan.

By Laura Heaton

August 27, 2009

North, South Sudan Reps Take to the Airwaves to Discuss Abyei

A month after the fact, the Abyei Arbitration Tribunal’s July 22 ruling remains a major topic of discussion. Voice of America’s radio show Straight Talk Africa discussed the ruling this week, with commentary by Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, the Head of the Government of Southern Sudan Mission to the U.S., and Ambassador Dirdeiry Mohamed Ahmed, the […]

By Victoria Bosselman

August 20, 2009