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New Report Released on Militias in South Sudan

In a report released today, “South Sudan’s Militias”, Enough’s Sudan field researcher Mayank Bubna provides an in-depth analysis of the key southern militia leaders, their grievances, and how the Government of South Sudan should address the renewed violence and threats of internal security.

By Enough Team

March 3, 2011

South Sudan's Militias

This report, based on extensive interviews conducted in Upper Nile state in January and February 2011, provides an overview of the state of play among South Sudan’s militias, which continue to be a critical challenge to securing a peaceful separation between North and South Sudan, and to the formation of a stable new state.

By Mayank Bubna

March 3, 2011

Hundreds Dead from Violence in South Sudan

The number of people killed in violent clashes between renegade general George Athor’s forces and the South Sudanese army is double what was previously known, according to media reports citing southern officials.

By Amanda Hsiao

February 16, 2011

Window of Opportunity for Women in South Sudan

Although this transitional period in Sudan poses major challenges, it also holds an unparalleled window of opportunity for marginalized groups to push for inclusive rights and representation—especially women.

By Tracy Fehr

February 14, 2011

South Sudan Set to Gain Independence in July

Now it’s official. With nearly 99 percent of people voting in favor of secession in last month’s referendum, southern Sudan is now on course to become the world’s newest country on July 9.

By Laura Heaton

February 7, 2011

South Sudan: 'We Want to Build a Proud Nation'

As the frenetic excitement about southern Sudan's recent referendum wears off, the challenges of building up a new country from scratch loom. For some segments of southern Sudan’s society, the obstacles are even greater. “The women of southern Sudan are ‘the marginalized of the marginalized,’ as Dr. John Garang used to say,” said Anyieth D’Awol, founder of the ROOTS Project.

By Laura Heaton

January 24, 2011

Euphoria, Long Lines Mark South Sudan’s First Day of Voting

“I have been waiting a long time for this day,” said a young man named Carter, standing in the intense, early morning sun. “Everyone here has, and we’re going for separation,” he said, gesturing toward the long lines of people around him who turned out to this polling station to vote in the South Sudan referendum on independence.

By Laura Heaton

January 9, 2011

Bashir Visits South Sudan Ahead of Sunday's Vote

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was Juba yesterday, delivering a conciliatory message to southerners who turned out in droves to bid him, as one spectator put it, "his last farwell."

By Mayank Bubna

January 5, 2011

Pittsburgh to March Ahead of South Sudan Referendum

On January 5, four days before the referendum, we will be out in force in the streets of downtown Pittsburgh, carrying signs of villages destroyed in Darfur and in South Sudan, writes David Rosenberg in this guest post.

By Enough Team

December 23, 2010

South Sudan Overcomes Hurdle Ahead of Referendum

A week out from the conclusion of the registration period for South Sudan’s referendum, domestic and international observers are beginning to agree that the process, though not perfect, was credible.

By Amanda Hsiao

December 17, 2010

South Sudan’s Foregone Conclusion?

The countdown to independence is on – literally, in the glowing red digital clock in a central roundabout in town that ticks off the time left until January 9 in days, minutes, and seconds.

By Laura Heaton

December 9, 2010

The Making-of South Sudan?

After an extended five-day conference between South Sudanese political parties, civil society, and religious groups in Juba, a faint vision of the type of state southern secession may bring has emerged.

By Amanda Hsiao

October 21, 2010

South Sudan Referendum Prep in Numbers

With less than 100 days until southern Sudanese go to the polls to vote for unity or secession, here's a snapshot of how referendum preparation is coming along.

By Amanda Hsiao

October 4, 2010

A New Militia Rises in South Sudan

A decision by the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly to arm and train the so-called Arrow Boys underlines the inability of South Sudan’s army to protect civilians while raising the risk that the new militia could constitute an effective private army for local politicians seeking influence.

By Ledio Cakaj

September 30, 2010