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South Sudan News Clips—The “Attractiveness” of Unity?

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South Sudan News Clips—The “Attractiveness” of Unity?

Posted by Maggie Fick on July 6, 2010

JUBA, Southern Sudan—While reading today’s papers, I couldn’t help but notice a recurrent trend across the three papers I was perusing.

Despite the recent efforts of the National Congress Party to “make unity attractive” to southerners anxious to cast their votes in the upcoming self-determination referendum, the resounding sentiment of southerners still seems to rest in the “separation” camp. In other words, last ditch attempts by the Khartoum government to show the South that a unified Sudan will provide southerners with a better life than the alternative (an independent South) seem to be falling on deaf ears.

On that note, here are some snippets from the local papers:

“In conclusion, volumes of words will not make unity attractive. Seeing is believing and there is nothing that can be seen practically to demonstrate the attractiveness of unity. It is obvious that our brothers north of the border are specialist in talking too much devoid of substance. There is therefore no regret for the separation of the South.”

–Jacob K. Lupai, in an opinion piece titled “A million signatures to dishonor the CPA in Sudan,” 5 to 11 July edition of the Southern Eye

“As for now the NCP officials have suggested that they will seek to carry out as many development projects as possible for Southerners to see the fruits of remaining within a united state. Many countries in the region as well as the African Union and European Union appear reluctant to see Sudan break up into two but what the Southerners on the ground need for now is separation.”

–Manyang David Mayar, “NCP-SPLM unity support deal is too late: Popular Congress Party,” 5 to 8 July edition of The Juba Post

“It is…not practical to force unity on the people of Sudan at this point in time. Besides, Southerners aren’t faking their quest for freedom; our people have paid a price for it, and are ready to do more in the event of sabotage and ploys. We have matured and we can do it without the North.”

–Isaiah Abraham, “Hardliners or not South Sudanese set to secede,” 29 June to 9 July edition of the Sudan Mirror