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Author: Maggie Fick

Sudan Elections: Further Delays

Sudan Elections: Further Delays
Today, Sudan’s National Electoral Commission pushed back the announcement of official results for the country’s first multi-party elections in 24 years ...

Small Arms Survey: Coordinated Int’l Pressure On Sudan Needed

Small Arms Survey: Coordinated Int'l Pressure On Sudan Needed
A new report from the venerable Small Arms Survey takes a close and informed look at drivers of armed violence and inter-communal conflict in southern Sudan ...

Election Lessons For South Sudan’s Referendum

South Sudan
Election Lessons For South Sudan's Referendum
The SPLM’s Dr. Itto made a compelling case yesterday that the National Electoral Commission, or NEC, could have done more to anticipate and resolve election irregularities prior to the start of polling “if they had had the will to do something.” ...

Prioritize Security Sector Reform In South Sudan

South Sudan
Prioritize Security Sector Reform In South Sudan
As Africa’s largest country—positioned in arguably the most strategic and volatile corner of the continent—prepares for a likely split into two nations next year, security sector reform in the South will be an issue that the international community cannot afford to ignore ...

How Sudan’s Election Got Messy

How Sudan's Election Got Messy
"Many people are surrendering," Mohamed Yousuf Omer says, gesturing toward some of the people leaving the polling station at Hai Jalaba Basic School in Juba, the capital of southern Sudan on Sunday. "I think I also may have to." ...

“It Could Happen in Sudan’s Elections:” SPLM’s (Withdrawn) Presidential Candidate Yasir Arman is Still in the Race

Salva Kiir, Yasir Arman, Sudan elections
The run-up to next week’s nationwide election in Sudan has been marked by political twists and turns, late-night announcements, conflicting reports, and an overall atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion ...

Considering Southern Sudan from the Perspective of its Neighbors

Considering Southern Sudan from the Perspective of its Neighbors
The people that will be most affected by the break-up of Sudan – aside from the Sudanese themselves of course – are the residents of the countries surrounding Sudan ...

“Girifna”: Student Activists in Khartoum Have Had Enough

"Girifna": Student Activists in Khartoum Have Had Enough
Amjed Farid is a young student activist involved with the Girifna movement in Khartoum, Sudan. As a participant in this movement, Amjed shared some of his thoughts on the goals of Girifna ...

Bashir’s Campaign of Fear

Bashir's Campaign of Fear
The South Sudanese will probably re-elect their incumbent in this month’s elections. But it’s not because they like him ...

More Deal-Making in Sudan

More Deal-Making in Sudan
The announcement that the SPLM would withdraw its candidate for president and boycott elections in Darfur quickly generated some fundamental questions, a week and a half before the polls: What deals were made behind the scenes? How would the NCP react? ...