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Author: Laura Heaton and Maggie Fick

Why Today – and Every Day – Is An Important Day For Sudan Advocacy

As the Enough Said writer/editor and as Enough’s southern Sudan researcher, the two of us recently had the chance to travel together in southern Sudan, charged with the assignment of documenting stories to highlight the situation on the ground for our mostly U.S.-based advocate constituency. Talking to Sudanese people in their hometowns, villages, and the camps they’ve been forced into due to violence made us think about the purpose of advocacy ...
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Reactions from Juba to the Deal in Khartoum

Yesterday in Khartoum, the news broke that the two parties to Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement had reached consensus on several critical issues in the contentious, ongoing North-South negotiations related to plans for the April 2010 elections and the South’s self-determination referendum in 2011. Here's how some influentials in Juba reacted ...
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U.S. Diplomacy in Sudan: What’s at Stake

Given the enormously high stakes in Sudan—a national election, largely funded by the U.S., slated for April next year that could dissolve into violence, and a referendum in 2011 that will give the South the chance to vote to become an independent country—it’s critically important that the Obama administration strike the right tone in its policy and diplomatic strategy toward Sudan, at a time when the country could easily slide back into a hot war within the next 18 months. Enough, along with the other organizations leading the ongoing Sudan Now campaign, sent an open letter to President Obama today ...
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Amid Sporadic Violence in South Sudan, a Common Link?

The U.N. has confirmed another attack in southern Sudan’s violence-wracked and remote Jonglei state, leaving 46 people dead and 15 in critical condition. The weekend attack forced an estimated 24,000 people to flee, according to a local official who spoke to the Associated Press. The U.N. estimates that more than 2000 people have died and that 250,000 more have been displaced by the communal violence in southern Sudan this year. This information in itself is alarming. But what is particularly significant about the recent clashes in Jonglei state and throughout the South in the past several months is one key ...
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A Conversation with Filmmakers Behind ‘The Reckoning’

A Conversation with Filmmakers Behind 'The Reckoning'
Crime and justice are popular subjects for movies, but rarely are they portrayed in a more compelling way than in The Reckoning. There’s a simple reason why this documentary is so captivating: it is a story about real life and about history in the making. The Reckoning, an Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival this year, follows the first six years of the International Criminal Court and takes the audience from the court’s headquarters in The Hague, to the scenes of the crimes – in eastern Congo and northern Uganda – to the United Nations headquarters in New York, where ...
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“What Will You Do To Meet The Challenge of Genocide?”

"What Will You Do To Meet The Challenge of Genocide?"
“I will start a group to read books about genocide.” “I will research when I get home tonight.” “I will vote for candidates who speak out about genocide.” “I will show that just because I am a child does not mean that I cannot help. I will always care for the ones I do not know.” “I will make a video on YouTube to discourage people from unnecessary cruelty.” These pledges flash against a prominent wall in a new installation at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicated to “Taking Action.” Written, scribbled, or typed in a variety of languages, the ...
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