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Author: Kathryn Havranek

Raise Hope for Congo Team Joins Students in D.C. Rally for Peace in Congo

Last week, I and other members of the Raise Hope for Congo team joined students from the DC area, along with representatives from Falling Whistles and Friends of Congo, in a rally for peace in the Congo hosted by the GW STAND chapter. We met on GW’s campus, and marched down K Street, through the Occupy DC camp, to rally in front of the White House and tell President Obama that Americans want to see action on policy towards Congo ...

Step Up for 1502 and Congo

Step Up for 1502 and Congo
Enough’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign kicked off a Facebook week of action yesterday to let companies know that their consumers want them to support strong implementation of the conflict minerals provision, Section 1502, of the Dodd-Frank Act. "Step Up for 1502" is intended to pressure the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their member companies to back down from a legal challenge against the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, over the legislation and implement the regulations with no additional delays or phase-ins ...