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South Sudan: Anti-Corruption Reforms Should be a Prerequisite to Wooing Foreign Investment

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South Sudan: Anti-Corruption Reforms Should be a Prerequisite to Wooing Foreign Investment

Posted by Enough Team on April 10, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) – A high-level South Sudanese ministerial delegation is in Washington, D.C. this week as part of the World Bank Group’s 2019 Spring Meetings. The delegation will be hosting an event tomorrow advertising South Sudan as a destination for foreign investors following the signing of the peace deal in September last year.

While foreign investment in South Sudan is crucial, investing in the current environment of mass corruption and instability will only feed the entrenched kleptocracy and further enable corrupt leaders to continue to siphon off state funds. Furthermore, the implementation of the tenuous peace deal is behind schedule. Many critical stipulations on curbing rampant corruption in the country, which can directly impact foreign investment, are not being implemented.

Brian Adeba, Deputy Director of Policy at the Enough Project, said: “Ideally, investing in South Sudan would be a noble idea to alleviate the current economic hurdles the country is facing. However, given the grand corruption, government red tape, and prevailing political instability arising from the failure to implement the peace agreement, South Sudan is a highly risky environment for foreign investors. Until the requisite anti-corruption reforms in the peace agreement are implemented, investing in South Sudan should not be a palatable endeavor for foreign investors.”

Real anti-corruption reforms, called for in the September peace agreement, to strengthen institutions and legislation that could impact investment need to be implemented urgently. The implementation of these reforms is crucial to ensure a stable investing environment for investors and to ensure that the benefits from investments will ultimately aid the country’s people and its stability.

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