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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | June 15

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Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads | June 15

Posted by Enough Team on June 15, 2017

Enough’s 5 Recommended Reads is a biweekly series featuring important stories you may have missed.

  1. National Geographic Explorer Episode Highlights Congo Conflict Gold Smuggling” (Resource Page)
    National Geographic Explorer’s new episode is on conflict gold from Congo, exploring rebel-held mines and smuggling routes with captivating footage, featuring Enough’s Founding Director John Prendergast, and hosted by actor/activist Ted Danson.
  2. Why Donald Trump Needs to Take Action on Sudan” (Op-Ed)
    In this May 31st TIME op-ed, Enough Founding Director John Prendergast explains how the Trump Administration should create a new track focused on promoting fundamental human rights and religious freedom, countering grand corruption and achieving peace in Sudan.
  3. 271 Groups Urge UN to Investigate Kasai Violence” (Blog)
    On June 1, a coalition of 262 Congolese and 9 international NGOs, including the Enough Project, called on the U.N. Human Rights Council to urgently establish an independent commission of inquiry into the situation in the Kasai region of Congo, and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley echoed this call in a statement afterwards.
  4. Making a Fortune while Making a Famine: The Illustrative Case of a South Sudanese General” (Report)
    On May 31st, Enough’s initiative The Sentry published its latest report, which examines documents on financial malfeasance regarding Lt. Gen. Malek Reuben Riak, who was recently promoted to deputy chief of defense staff, and is one of the senior generals that the U.N. Security Council’s Panel of Experts has identified as responsible for the violence in Unity state that directly led to the famine.
  5. Love, Africa” (Book)
    Jeffrey Gettleman, a long-standing New York Times correspondent in Africa and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, released a new memoir, Love, Africa, about finding a calling in one of the most turbulent regions in the world.