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Author: Zach Fox

3 Points Movie Hits #1 on Hulu, Raises Profile of Darfur

The movie 3 Points, featuring basketball star Tracy “T-Mac” McGrady of the Houston Rockets, surged to the top of Hulu’s list of most-watched documentary films. Hulu, a video website, launched 3 Points just one week ago, and it quickly became one of the 10 most popular feature-length films on the entire site ...
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Hulu Launches Tracy McGrady’s 3 Points Movie

We’ve brought you video clips from the visit to the Darfuri refugee camps that led to the creation of the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools program and blog posts by Houston Rockets star Tracy McGrady whose vision for the program made it happen. Now, Hulu brings you the full-length documentary, 3 Points, and to mark the occasion, this interview with T-Mac on the Hulu blog ...
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