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Press Releases

Press Release: Peacekeeping for Protection and Peace in Darfur

The international community must move swiftly to protect the people of Darfur, says the ENOUGH Project in a strategy briefing released today ...
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Press Release: An Axis of Peace for Darfur

In a strategy briefing released today, the ENOUGH Project calls for a new multilateral peace and protection initiative for Darfur from the three countries with the most leverage in Sudan: the U.S., France, and China ...
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Press Release: The Answer to the Lord’s Resistance Army

In a strategy paper released today, ENOUGH calls for strong U.S. leadership in a coordinated international push to end Africa's longest-running war: the 20-year conflict in northern Uganda ...
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Press Release: Shooting Blanks at Sudan

President Bush's announcement today that his administration will begin implementing a set of punitive measures- its oft-threatened "Plan B" - against the Sudanese Government could have marked a real turning point in U.S. policy to end what the president calls genocide. Unfortunately, it doesn't ...
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Press Release: A Plan B With Teeth For Darfur

In a strategy paper released today, ENOUGH calls on the Bush administration to take resolute action against the Sudanese government for ongoing atrocities in Darfur – by implementing a Plan B with “teeth.” ...
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Abyei Crisis Must be Resolved Immediately: Report

Date: April 4, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Matt Brown, [email protected], 202-468-2925 WASHINGTON – The intentional burning of villages in Sudan’s contested Abyei region demonstrate the urgent need for a resolution to the Abyei crisis, eminent Sudan scholar Douglas H. Johnson said in a paper released today by the Enough Project. The report, “Abyei: Sudan’s West Bank,” critiques international mediation efforts and urges a principled approach to secure a peaceful solution. “Recent fighting in Abyei is the most serious sign yet that, despite public pronouncements so enthusiastically hailed by the international community, Khartoum is not committed to a full implementation ...
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