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Press Release: The Answer to the Lord’s Resistance Army

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Press Release: The Answer to the Lord’s Resistance Army

Posted by Enough Team on June 5, 2007

(Washington, DC) June 5, 2007: In a strategy paper released today, ENOUGH calls for strong U.S. leadership in a coordinated international push to end Africa’s longest-running war: the 20-year conflict in northern Uganda.

Authored by ENOUGH co-chair John Prendergast, the paper advocates a dual approach to peacemaking aimed at both defusing the LRA security threat as well as promoting rehabilitation, reconstruction, and reconciliation in northern Uganda. There are two phases involved. This dual approach is necessary both to normalize northern Uganda and help stabilize a broader sub-region that includes southern Sudan and eastern Congo.

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"To end this nightmare once and for all, the Ugandan government and the international community must construct an overall peace strategy," argues Prendergast.

Four ingredients are essential to securing peace in northern Uganda: reform of the Juba process and support for its cessation of hostilities agreement; parallel facilitation of direct contacts between President Yoweri Museveni and LRA leader Joseph Kony to broker a security deal for LRA leadership; preparation for a wider process following the security deal to address the political, economic and social concerns of northern Ugandans; and increased leverage from the international community through carrots and sticks in support of a solution.

The missing ingredient, ENOUGH argues, is political will. Given the U.S. government’s close relationship and consequent leverage with President Museveni, Prendergast explains that the U.S. has a key role to play, and calls on the White House to name a senior official to work on behalf of the peace process. Moreover, without strong U.S. support the LRA will remain skeptical that any Ugandan peace overtures will be fulfilled or any agreement implemented.

Read the report:

"We don’t need billions of dollars or U.S. troops to end the nightmare of the LRA," said Prendergast, "We just need the U.S. to take a leadership role."

In support of the paper’s recommendations, ENOUGH has teamed up with Resolve Uganda, Invisible Children, the United States Institute of Peace, actor Ryan Gosling and others for two days of awareness-raising and policy focused events in Washington DC on June 4 and 5.

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