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Knock Knock for Uganda: Open the Doors for Action

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Knock Knock for Uganda: Open the Doors for Action

Posted by Alison Jones on March 12, 2009

Knock Knock for Uganda: Open the Doors for Action

Africa’s longest-running war just entered its 23rd year — a dubious anniversary that went without mention by policymakers here in DC. We think it’s time to remind our politicians that Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, is still at large, wreaking havoc and terrorizing civilians in four different countries, and that they can do something about it. We figured the best way to do that was to bring our concerns to their doorsteps, literally.

From April 6-17, join activists all across the country who will be participating in local meetings with their Senators who are in their home states while Congress is on recess. It’s that time of year when politicians leave DC to go home to hear from their constituents — and thousands of families being displaced and kids being kidnapped everyday by a brutal rebel army is worthy of mention and swift action.

At Resolve Uganda, we’re in the process of working with key Congressional offices on critical legislation aimed at ending the LRA’s atrocities and paving the way for lasting peace in Uganda and central Africa’s Great Lakes region. It will require a strategy from the Obama administration on how to disarm and demobilize the LRA. Additionally, this legislation will authorize tens of millions of dollars for reconstruction efforts in northern Uganda. If passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, it would be the most significant action ever taken by the U.S. government to end the LRA insurgency.

The only way this bill will have any shot at passing is with the help of constituents and activist across the United States. The registration deadline for joining a meeting is this Friday, March 13, so it’s not too late to sign up. If you have questions about the specifics, please visit Resolve Uganda’s website.

Unfortunately, our policy makers have so far not responded sufficiently to the millions of people who have been trapped in this war for more than two decades. But now we have the chance to offer officials the opportunity to do more. Click here to sign up for Knock Knock.

Alison Jones is the co-Founder and Director of Advocacy for Resolve Uganda.