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Sudanese refugese in Chad

The wars in both Sudan and South Sudan are escalating, and cross-border conflict connections between the two are deepening. Sudan is experiencing unprecedented levels of violence and clashes still persist in neighboring South Sudan, despite an agreement to “end the conflict.”

Take Action Now: Ask the U.S. Government to double down on diplomacy for Sudan and South Sudan.

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Check out the Enough Project's Company Rankings to learn more about what companies are doing to address the issue of conflict minerals in their supply chains. As a consumer, you have the power to get electronics and other companies to make fully conflict-free products and to source clean minerals from Congo

Take Action Now: Send a message to industry leaders asking them to make fully conflict-free products containing clean minerals from Congo.

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A Chadian special forces fighter stands next to a vehicle  as thousands of Musli

Check out Enough’s latest report, “Behind the Headlines” which identifies the core underlying economic and security-related drivers of horrific conflict in CAR. It is time for the international community to support long-term, sustainable peace in CAR.

Take Action Now: Send a message to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power asking her to urge the UN to work with others in supporting all voices towards peace and reconciliation in the Central African Republic.

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South Sudanese NBA star and peace activist Luol Deng speaks from the heart in this moving message to the youth of South Sudan on forgiveness, strength, and courage in the face of the current conflict. He calls on South Sudanese youth to take a stand against the ethnic polarization of the conflict and to advocate for peace in their own communities.

Since mid-December, tensions that erupted between opposing political factions in South Sudan have spiraled into massive violence that often leverages existing ethnic tensions. This fighting has resulted in massive human rights abuses and has left over 800,000 internally displaced and 7 million at risk of food insecurity.

Please ask your U.S. Representative to Support H. Res. 503 on South Sudan

2013 marks ten years from the start of crimes in Darfur that the U.S. government found to constitute genocide. While many think that the conflict in Darfur is over, violence is on the rise. with over 300,000 newly displaced civilians in the first half of 2013 - and the Sudanese Government continues to target civilians in multiple areas of the country.

We are launching a campaign urging our elected officials to take action by co-sponsoring and passing the Sudan Peace, Security, and Accountability Act of 2013  (H.R. 1692) through Congress. This is our best opportunity to generate a policy change by the U.S. Government to address the situation in Sudan.

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