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South Sudan: Promote the Use of Robust Financial Tools and Support Strong Institutions

South Sudan’s institutions have been hijacked as regime leaders and their international collaborators loot state coffers and natural resources, which is the primary cause of war and instability in the country.

Beyond peace deals, South Sudan needs policies and strong institutions that expose, undermine, and ultimately dismantle the violent kleptocratic governing system. By using robust financial tools like network sanctions and anti-money laundering measures to build leverage over those engaging in corruption and human rights abuses while supporting policies that promote transparency and good governance, protect civil society and journalists, and bolster the South Sudanese judicial system, the United States can play a positive role in promoting systemic change.

The United States should be investing resources to accomplish these goals by allocating funds to investigate corrupt activities, enforce sanctions, and support smart assistance that can help build strong institutions to bolster accountability. These pillars must be at the heart of U.S. policy in South Sudan.

Help support real change in South Sudan by letting your representative know that building strong leverage and making smart investments in institution building in South Sudan are essential for long-term peace and prosperity.