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Conflict Free Campus Initiative

The Conflict-Free Campus Initiative (CFCI) is a joint initiative of the Enough Project and STAND – the student-led movement to end mass atrocities. By encouraging school officials and stakeholders, both of whom are large purchasers of electronics and powerful spokespersons, to commit to measures that pressure electronics companies to responsibly invest in Congo’s minerals sector, students are voicing the demand for conflict-free products from Congo.

The goal of this movement is to support peace, accountability, and prosperity in Congo. In order for that to happen, companies must invest responsibly in Congo’s mining sector, not resort to sourcing their minerals elsewhere. With companies like Intel, Apple, Motorola, and others leading the way, we’ve seen a significant increase in corporate commitments to supporting the development of economic opportunity in the region. But we must continue to call for additional mining reforms and for investment in livelihood projects for Congolese mining communities who are impacted by market shifts and in-region reforms.

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