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IMAN: Supermodel. Businesswoman. Activist. Refugee.

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IMAN: Supermodel. Businesswoman. Activist. Refugee.

Posted by Enough Team on February 18, 2010

Iman is famous worldwide as a supermodel, successful businesswoman and fashion icon alongside her husband David Bowie. That's just the beginning — she is also a refugee. Born in Somalia, Iman and her family fled war in the 1970s, making their way to Kenya on foot. Discovered there by fashion photographer Peter Beard, Iman came to the U.S. and took the fashion world by storm, breaking barriers as a supermodel and businesswoman. She also became a leading activist for peace in Africa.

In this wide-ranging interview in honor of International Women's Day, Iman talks with the Enough Project's John Prendergast about her remarkable life, her activism and her take on war in the Congo — the deadliest war in the world.

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Directed and produced by Robert Padavick. Filmed and edited by Ivan Kander.

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