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All Bark, No Bite: The Bush Legacy On Darfur

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All Bark, No Bite: The Bush Legacy On Darfur

Posted by Enough Team on December 10, 2008

By Maggie Fick and David Sullivan

As the Bush administration prepares to leave office, their track record on Darfur remains tragically consistent. Soaring rhetoric about the imperative of responding to genocide has far outpaced underwhelming efforts to actually change the situation on the ground. The airlift of supplies for the UNAMID peacekeeping force recently announced by National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley is the latest instance of tough talk followed by pedestrian efforts to manage the consequences of ongoing genocidal conflict.

The timeline below tracks the Bush administration’s tough talk against its tepid response to more than five-and-a-half years and counting of crisis in Darfur.

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