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President Obama’s LRA Strategy Report Card: Issue #3

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President Obama’s LRA Strategy Report Card: Issue #3

Posted by Enough Team on November 21, 2011

President Obama's LRA Strategy Report Card: Issue #3

President Obama’s first year of implementing his comprehensive strategy to address Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) violence in central Africa comes to a close this month. After a slow start, the Obama Administration made significant progress in recent weeks. The most notable development was the deployment of US military advisers to the region to assist in efforts to apprehend senior LRA commanders, protect civilians, and encourage defections from the rebel group. In Issue #3 of our LRA Strategy Report Cards we take stock of what has been accomplished so far and what President Obama will have to do in the coming months if hopes for an end to LRA violence in 2012 are to be realized.

  • Expand U.S. engagement to end the crisis: Grade A-

    • (Issue #2: D, Issue #1: C)
  • Protect civilians: Grade C+

    • (Issue #2: C, Issue #1: C)
  • Stop senior LRA commanders: Grade B

    • (Issue #2: D, Issue #1: C)
  • Facilitate escape: Grade D

    • (Issue #2: C, Issue #1: B)
  • Help communities survive and rebuild: Grade B

    • (Issue #2: B, Issue #1: B)


The Grading for President Obama’s LRA Strategy & Implementation
A: Significant progress C: Little or inadequate progress F: Efforts backsliding
B: Encouraging progress D: Efforts at a standstill  


Take action now and tell Obama to get his grades up!