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U.N. Security Council Should Endorse and Enforce Peace in the Sudans

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U.N. Security Council Should Endorse and Enforce Peace in the Sudans

Posted by Enough Team on November 7, 2012


Contact: Tracy Fehr, [email protected], +1-202-459-1219 

WASHINGTON – In the coming days, the U.N. Security Council has the opportunity to demonstrate the international community’s commitment to peace and security within and between the Sudans, according to a new Enough Project brief.

The Security Council will vote on a set of recommendations from the African Union Peace and Security Council regarding ways to address outstanding issues between the two Sudans. The Enough Project calls on the Security Council to endorse these recommendations and adopt measures to enforce their compliance.

John Prendergast, Enough Project Co-founder and co-author of the report, said:

"The U.N. Security Council has the next move, and it may be the most important one. When it meets in the coming days, the U.N. Security Council should adopt a resolution that identifies a clear way forward with targeted consequences for those who resist. This will lay the ground for peace and save lives through the provision of desperately needed aid. If the U.N. Security Council neglects to do this, it will create new space in the region for spoilers who do not want peace."

Jennifer Christian, Enough Project Sudan/South Sudan Policy Analyst and co-author of the report, said:

"The government of Sudan’s recent public insistence that it will not accept the A.U.'s recommendations on the final status of the Abyei area underscores why the Security Council must endorse the A.U.'s recommendations on Abyei and other outstanding issues and outline specific consequences for non-compliance. If this does not occur, Abyei’s final status may remain unresolved indefinitely, ensuring that the area remains a potential catalyst for North-South violence."

This is the second of an Enough Project policy brief series focusing on the international community’s opportunity to help support peace within and between the two Sudans.

Read the full brief (PDF): “Not Just Mediation: The United Nations Security Council’s Role in Supporting Peace in the Two Sudans


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