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#KonyMeloni: Enough Project, Funny or Die Co-Produce LRA Video, ‘Kony Hunter with Christopher Meloni’

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#KonyMeloni: Enough Project, Funny or Die Co-Produce LRA Video, ‘Kony Hunter with Christopher Meloni’

Posted by Enough Team on March 29, 2012

Enough Project and Funny or Die Press Release


Contact: Jonathan Hutson, [email protected]

Mobile: +1-202-386-1618

WASHINGTON – The Enough Project, a human rights organization, has collaborated with comedy video website Funny or Die on a video calling for solutions to Central Africa's Lord's Resistance Army conflict. The satirical, three-minute video features former NBC Law & Order: SVU co-star Christopher Meloni, who has recently joined the HBO series True Blood. It co-stars Amir Arison.

In the video, produced by Funny or Die in conjunction with the Enough Project, Meloni talks about the atrocities committed by LRA leader Joseph Kony. Wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity, Kony has led the rebel group from Uganda to the Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic for nearly 25 years.

Meloni became involved in the Enough Project's efforts to end the LRA after a 2009 episode of Law & Order: SVU about a child soldier fleeing the LRA conflict, according to Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast.

"A few years ago, I helped the producers and writers at Law & Order: SVU do an episode whose central character was a former child soldier in the LRA,” Prendergast said. “The cast was deeply affected by the backstory of the LRA. Mariska Hargitay became an outspoken advocate against sexual violence in the Congo. Chris Meloni decided to get involved in a different way, but you have to see it to believe it. There is so much we can do to help support efforts to bring an end to the LRA and to help the communities affected by the conflict.”

Viewers of the video will be directed to, where they will be able to send a letter to President Obama in support of efforts by the international community, with leadership from African countries, to end the LRA. Obama has sent approximately 100 American military advisors and support personnel to help regional militaries hunt the LRA leadership.

“We’re really excited to partner with Funny or Die on this fresh approach to advocacy,” said Robert Padavick, Director of Content for the Enough Project. “By combining masters of comedy and satire with an evidence-based, results-oriented policy organization, we’re creating new ways to introduce people to this critical issue and educate them about solutions.”

Watch the new #KonyMeloni video, "Kony Hunter with Christopher Meloni" at Funny or Die:


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