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Girifna representative, Enough researcher to join press briefing on Sudan election

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Girifna representative, Enough researcher to join press briefing on Sudan election

Posted by Enough Team on April 14, 2010


Audio from Thursday's call: Link
Sudan Now - Keep the Promise

Jonathan Hutson, the Enough Project, 202-386-1618, [email protected]
Mame Annan-Brown, Genocide Intervention Network, 347-564-2936, [email protected]
Andrea Clarke, Save Darfur Coalition, 202 460 6756, [email protected]
Julia Thornton, Humanity United, 650-587-2030, [email protected]


ADVISORY: Girifna student leader in Khartoum, Enough Project researcher in Juba and U.S. advocacy groups to join press briefing on Sudan election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the final day of polling drawing to a close in Sudan, amid continued reports from the ground of electoral rigging and widespread political oppression, leading human rights organizations are conducting a series of press briefings hosted by Sudan Now, a campaign led by several of the participants.
Thursday’s call will include Mark Lotwis, Acting President of the Save Darfur Coalition, Maggie Fick, a Field Researcher with the Enough Project who is based in South Sudan, and Nagi Musa, a Khartoum-based co-founder of the student-led grassroots movement Girifna, which means in Arabic “We are fed up” or “We have had enough.” Girifna has mobilized citizens in Khartoum and in other northern and southern states to stand up and exercise their right to vote as the first step toward genuine political reform in Sudan. Musa will address the detention and beating of Girifna members who were reporting voting irregularities today, and put the issue of political oppression in context.

Sudan Now’s press calls are being held each day this week at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. The calls are largely devoted to questions from journalists after very brief opening statements from the guest speakers. According to the Sudan Now campaign, the current implementation of the U.S. policy on Sudan has not addressed a number of extremely concerning developments including clear indications that the national election is neither free nor fair, ongoing government attacks that have killed hundreds and displaced thousands in recent months, and ongoing obstruction by the Government of Sudan in access for aid workers and UN investigators to Darfur.


Thursday, April 15 through Friday, April 16 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time (daily)
Mark Lotwis, Acting President, Save Darfur Coalition
Nagi Musa, Co-founder, Girifna
Maggie Fick, Field Researcher in South Sudan, the Enough Project at the Center for American Progress
David Abramowitz, Director of Policy and Government Relations, Humanity United

US/Canada Dial-in #:     (877) 210-8943 – Conference ID # 68487901
Int'l/Local Dial-In #:     (706) 902-0621 – Conference ID # 68487901
Please note: Link to audio tape of call will be available at approximately 1 PM ET. Photography and broadcast quality recent b-roll from IDP camps are now available for general use at Photography of Monday’s student protest at the State Department is available at

Sudan Now is a campaign led by a group of anti-genocide and human rights advocacy organizations committed to bringing meaningful and lasting peace to Sudan and encouraging strong American leadership and action to achieve this goal. The campaign challenges President Obama and top U.S. administration officials to live up to their promises to take strong and immediate action to help end the international crisis in Sudan and bring a lasting peace to Sudan’s people. Organizations participating in the campaign include Humanity United, the Enough Project at the Center for American Progress, Genocide Intervention Network, Stop Genocide Now, and Investors Against Genocide.