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Exclusive: Photos Show Looting and Razing in Abyei Town, Sudan

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Exclusive: Photos Show Looting and Razing in Abyei Town, Sudan

Posted by Enough Team on May 25, 2011



Jonathan Hutson, [email protected], +1 202-386-1618

WASHINGTON – New photos provide evidence of organized ransacking and razing in Sudan’s Abyei town, which is currently being occupied by the Sudan Armed Forces and northern-aligned armed militias.

The exclusive photos, obtained by the Enough Project, appear to show northern soldiers standing by as militia members load trucks full of looted food and other goods. Other photos show traditional round huts called tukuls and other structures in Abyei town on fire. The photos were taken on Monday, May 23, as northern forces invaded the disputed border region of Abyei.

“The Sudan government army provides protection for militias that are looting and burning Abyei,” said Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast. “The ultimate strategy is to ethnically cleanse Abyei, similar to what the regime has done in parts of Darfur. The international community must respond with more than appeals for calm and mild reproaches. The time has come for serious consequences for the commission of war crimes, or they will continue.”

View or download the photo set on the Enough Project’s Flickr account:




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