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Enough Project Applauds Obama Administration’s Bolstering of Counter-LRA Mission

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Enough Project Applauds Obama Administration’s Bolstering of Counter-LRA Mission

Posted by Enough Team on March 24, 2014

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Enough Project Applauds Obama Administration's Bolstering of Counter-LRA Mission

WASHINGTON, DC — The Obama administration announced on March 23 that it will enhance the counter-LRA mission by deploying at least four high-speed, troop-transporting CV-22 Osprey helicopters. The helicopters will support the African Union Regional Task Force.

The Enough Project is encouraged by the additional support offered by the administration and applauds President Obama’s dedication to ending the LRA, which has been killing civilians and abducting children in central Africa since 1987.

Enough Project Field Researcher Kasper Agger said:

“The Osprey helicopters are a critical new piece of the puzzle in the mission to end the LRA. This will enable the African partner forces of the U.S. to be able to act swiftly to apprehend Kony and other LRA leaders who continue to terrorize civilians in central Africa. The deployment confirms the U.S. resolve regarding the mission and sends a strong signal about the Obama administration’s commitment to atrocity prevention.”

Sasha Lezhnev said:

“The new U.S. helicopters are like a turbo boost for the mission to find Kony. They give the operation the ability to act much more quickly on intelligence. The forces will now be able to search in several places at once, and when there is a report of Kony's whereabouts, the Ospreys can get there quickly. The White House deserves praise for bolstering the LRA mission, as backing off would allow Kony to regroup and perpetrate mass atrocities once again.”


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