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Press Release: Blowback: How China torpedoes its investments

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Press Release: Blowback: How China torpedoes its investments

Posted by Enough Team on August 7, 2008


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Blowback: How China torpedoes its investments

In a report released today, the ENOUGH Project argues that China's long-term political and economic interests are threatened by its support for despots. While many western nations have deservedly withdrawn investments from Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Burma and worked to isolate these governments for their appalling human rights records, Chinese support is helping Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, and Burmese Senior General Than Shwe maintain power. What China has failed to calculate is that while it continues to garner short-term benefits from engaging such unsavory actors, the long-term cost of this approach will be highly deleterious.

Read the report here

"China’s demand for natural resources to fuel its growing economy has driven Beijing into relationships with some very unsavory governments. Authoritarian regimes are almost always unstable over the long-term, and consequently China will find that its economic and diplomatic investments are at real risk," says ENOUGH Executive Director John Norris. "Sooner or later the governments in Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Burma will change, and the new governments will surely remember that Beijing provided full backing for the former oppressors in chief." China does very well in the short-term by striking deals with despots willing to offer commodity concessions to China as a means to bankroll their continued hold on power, but this approach doesn't make any sense for China and it certainly doesn't make any sense for the people of Sudan, Zimbabwe and Burma.

Read the report here



About the ENOUGH Project: ENOUGH is a project of the Center for American Progress to end genocide and crimes against humanity. Founded in 2007 with an initial focus on the crises in Sudan, Chad, eastern Congo, northern Uganda, and Somalia, ENOUGH’s strategy papers and briefings provide sharp field analysis and targeted policy recommendations based on a “3P” crisis response strategy: promoting durable peace, providing civilian protection, and punishing perpetrators of atrocities. ENOUGH works with concerned citizens, advocates, and policy makers to prevent, mitigate, and resolve these crises. To learn more about ENOUGH and what you can do to help, go to