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Advocacy Groups Praise Administration’s Stepped-Up Leadership on Sudan

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Advocacy Groups Praise Administration’s Stepped-Up Leadership on Sudan

Posted by Enough Team on September 9, 2010



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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Human rights advocacy organizations praised the Obama Administration following yesterday’s announcement that President Obama will participate in a high-level summit on Sudan during the U.N. General Assembly on September 24th.

The groups also called on the Administration to heighten its pressures on Khartoum as a critical component of diplomatic efforts to prevent violence and protect human rights as southern Sudanese prepare to vote in a referendum on southern independence scheduled for January, 2011.

The Enough Project at the Center for American Progress, Genocide Intervention Network, the Save Darfur Coalition, iACT and Investors Against Genocide offered this joint statement:

"We welcome recent reports that President Obama will participate in the high-level meeting on Sudan being convened by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon later this month. The president’s participation in this high-level meeting on Sudan is an important and encouraging sign of U.S. commitment to peace in Sudan. The president has a timely opportunity to lead the international community in preparing to guarantee implementation of the results of two credible referenda on Southern Sudan independence and the status of Abyei in January 2011. 

“The Administration has already made important moves in buttressing its diplomatic capacity in support of peace efforts in Sudan through the addition of multiple personnel, including Ambassador Princeton Lyman. Administration support for international negotiations on key issues between the North and South, such as the sharing of natural resources, border demarcation and citizenship, are ciritical for peace. In addition, U.S. and multilateral efforts to achieve humanitarian access throughout Darfur, support efforts for international justice and bring an end to the conflict there must be redoubled.  

“In this context, there will be a key moment for the president to push for bolder benefits and meaningful consequences that are needed to promote peace and prevent Africa's largest country from returning to full-scale national war and what could be the world's largest conventional conflict next year. But the carrots and sticks must be robust enough to grab the attention of the parties, particularly the National Congress Party.  

“On the incentives side, the US could offer the regime in Khartoum benefits for making peace, such as debt relief or full normalization of relations and a reduction of U.S. sanctions. On the pressures side, bolder, new consequences for pursuing war could include expansion of travel restrictions, asset freezes for key war-mongers, explicit commitments to block debt relief, expanding multilateral sanctions against the parties who are disrupting peace and causing suffering, particularly in Darfur, disrupting financial flows to Sudanese banks that support those that permit human rights abusesto occur, and new efforts to enforce arms embargoes.”


Enough Project – Enough is a project of the Center for American Progress to end genocide and crimes against humanity. Founded in 2007, Enough focuses on crises in Sudan, Chad, eastern Congo, northern Uganda, Somalia, and Zimbabwe. Enough's strategy papers and briefings provide sharp field analysis and targeted policy recommendations based on a "3P" crisis response strategy: promoting durable peace, providing civilian protection, and punishing perpetrators of atrocities. Enough works with concerned citizens, advocates, and policy makers to prevent, mitigate, and resolve these crises. Visit

Genocide Intervention Network – Genocide Intervention Network is working to build the first permanent anti-genocide constituency, mobilizing the political will to stop genocide when it occurs. Accessible online at, Genocide Intervention Network empowers individuals with the tools to stop genocide.

The Save Darfur Coalition – an alliance of more than 190 faith-based, advocacy and human rights organizations – raises public awareness about the ongoing crisis in Darfur and mobilizes a unified response to promote peace throughout the Darfur region and all of Sudan. The coalition’s member organizations represent 130 million people of all ages, races, religions and political affiliations united together to help the people of Sudan. Please join the movement at

Stop Genocide Now/i-ACT is a grassroots community dedicated to working to protect populations in grave danger of violence, death and displacement resulting from genocide. Through active education, advocacy and policy change SGN resolves to change the way the world responds to genocide. All of our projects focus on and utilize the strength and power in grassroots connectivity. For information, visit

Investors Against Genocide is a non-profit organization dedicated to convincing mutual fund and other investment firms to change their investing strategy so as to avoid complicity in genocide. The organization works with individuals, companies, organizations, financial institutions, the press, and government agencies to build awareness and to create financial, public relations, and regulatory pressure for investment firms to change. The ultimate goals are that the Government of Sudan ends its deadly genocide in Darfur and that investment firms avoid investing in genocide. For more information, visit