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Demand the Supply: Ranking Consumer Electronics and Jewelry Retail Companies on their Efforts to Develop Conflict-Free Minerals Supply Chains from Congo

A higher score indicates the company is making more progress on sourcing conflict-free minerals from Congo, while a lower score indicates little or no progress. The colored backgrounds in the graphic also break up the companies into tiers – ‘green’ being the best grouping ‘yellow’ in the middle, and ‘red’ the worst. Learn more about how companies were scored in the company response annex.

About the report

The Enough Project’s 2017 conflict minerals company rankings examine 20 of the largest companies, as defined by market capitalization, in two of the industries which consume the most tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold: consumer electronics and jewelry retail. Although a range of industries use these minerals—often referred to as conflict minerals or 3TG—Enough chose to rank these two industries in particular because they have demonstrated the potential to be catalytic in the development of new policies and practices regarding responsible sourcing, and they are also particularly attuned to consumer pressure. These latest rankings acknowledge the steady advances that have been made since Enough conducted its first company rankings in 2010 and expose the considerable and urgent need for more action.

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Take Action: Contact the ranked companies directly

Contact the companies that were ranked in the report and let them know how their conflict minerals policies will impact your future purchasing habits!

Click on the logos to the left to open up a new window with a letter addressed to each company.

Send a letter to companies

Has your school, city, or state passed a conflict minerals resolution through Enough’s Conflict-Free Campus Initiative? Download the files to the right and fill out the information to send a letter to any of the electronics companies Enough ranked. Feel free to personalize them more if you prefer.

The letters can come from anyone affiliated with your school/city/state (including you!) but ideally would come from someone involved with the administration or procurement. If your school/city/state already has a contact with the company, send it to them. If you need help finding out who to send it to, contact [email protected].

 Click to download:

Letter for Top Ranked Companies
Letter for Mid-Ranked Companies
Letter for Bottom Ranked Companies

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See what 20 of the largest companies in the world are doing to develop conflict-free minerals supply chains from Congo. @EnoughProject’s 2017 Company Rankings are out #DemandTheSupply

.@EnoughProject’s 2017 Conflict Minerals Company Rankings are published – see where the companies you buy from rank:  #DemandTheSupply