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Your Insider’s Guide to the White House meeting on Darfur

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Your Insider’s Guide to the White House meeting on Darfur

Posted by Maggie Fick on April 1, 2009

You heard about the White House meeting on Tuesday, when leading Darfur advocates (including Enough’s John Prendergast and Omer Ismail) got their message to President Barack Obama and his new special envoy to Sudan, Major General Scott Gration. But in case you weren’t sure about who all of the key players were at this meeting and why they matter on the Darfur issue, Enough put together an “insider’s guide” to the meeting.

President Obama meets with Darfur advocates

Starting from the left of the President and continuing counter-clockwise around the table:

1. Scott Gration, President Obama’s Special Envoy to Sudan

One of President Obama’s top national advisors and a Retired Air Force Major General, Gration was raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has traveled with the President to Africa. Gration has personal relationships with many of the African and Arab diplomats with whom he will be engaging as Envoy, as he leads U.S. policy on Sudan for the President.

Learn about the other power players on Darfur in our insider’s guide.