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You Made This Possible: Darfur Dream Team Progress Report

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You Made This Possible: Darfur Dream Team Progress Report

Posted by Meghan Higginbotham on February 14, 2012

You Made This Possible: Darfur Dream Team Progress Report

Thanks to the support of hundreds of U.S. students, schools, youth groups, individual donors, and partners like Jewish World Watch, the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program was able to raise and disburse $300,000 for primary education in Djabal refugee camp in eastern Chad. The funds are making a tangible, positive impact on the quality of education for the more than 4,000 Darfuri refugee students enrolled in schools in Djabal. Supporters raised funds through a variety of ways such as bake sales, movie screenings, walk-a-thons, sidewalk sales, and more.

In early 2010, the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, and its implementing partners in eastern Chad began disbursing $300,000 of DDT funds across the six primary schools in Djabal. The funds provided support for teacher recruitment, training, and retention, building and improving classroom and storage space, purchasing books, supplies, and uniforms, and creating a safer learning environment.

NBA star Tracy McGrady and Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast launched DDT in response to the Darfuris’ requests for increased educational support in the refugee camps in eastern Chad. With only four percent of UNHCR’s global budget allocated toward refugee education, the need is apparent and support from programs like DDT can make a significant impact.

The importance of providing a quality education to the Darfuri refugee children cannot be overstated. Education serves as both a protection tool for the students and a source of hope for a brighter future for the entire community of 17,000 Darfuri refugees living in Djabal.

Read the full Djabal 2010-2011 Progress Report for more details about the achievements of the Darfur Dream Team and its partners in Djabal.

This work could not have been possible without the commitment and fundraising efforts of donors across the United States. Thank you for playing an integral role in this partnership and supporting efforts of the Sister School Program to bring hope through education to the Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad.

This year, we are fundraising to deliver on our promise of supporting quality education in Goz Amer refugee camp. Learn more about Goz Amer and how to support education there as well!

Photo: Students at the Obama School in Djabal refugee camp (Darfur Dream Team / Meghan Higginbotham)