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Why We Fasted

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Why We Fasted

Posted by Enough Team on June 4, 2009

Over the weekend, members of the Enough team joined the Darfur Fast for Life to show solidarity with the people of Darfur and protest the ongoing violence and suffering orchestrated by the Sudanese government. After six years of conflict in Darfur, Sudan now has the largest displaced population in the world by far — nearly five million inside the country and an estimated 250,000 in neighboring Chad.

Since the launch of the Darfur Fast for Life on March 27 by actress and activist Mia Farrow, numerous prominent activists and leaders have joined the thousands of concerned citizens who are part of this fasting chain, including musician Peter Gabriel, Representatives Donald Payne (D-NJ) and Ilena Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), British mogul Richard Branson, and filmmaker and philanthropist Abigail Disney.

Here, members of the Enough team speak out about why they personally felt compelled to join the Darfur Fast for Life…

"Fasting for a day was a great personal reminder of what we, as activists, are fighting for. While this simple sacrifice on my part is trivial in comparison to the situation millions face every day in Darfur, I wanted to take this action to be a part of a campaign, along with thousands of others, who continue to speak out and act despite the relative inaction of the international community.  We have a responsibility to keep up our fight in any and every way possible until the people of Sudan see peace."  John B. 




“I wanted to be part of this fast because I feel like the public is getting complacent about the suffering in Darfur. I got involved in Darfur advocacy during my junior year of college, five years ago, and I find it appalling that the acute suffering continues. Now, with the expulsion of the major aid agencies in the region, the situation even threatens to worsen as the rainy season arrives this year. At this critical moment, it is important for us to do our job as activists: to keep Darfur in the news and weighing on the public’s conscience.” Laura 



“The Darfur Fast for Life has helped bring renewed attention to the suffering of people in Darfur. I wanted to take part because, as President Obama said, the genocide in Darfur is a ‘stain on our souls.’ After six years of death, hunger, illness, and devastation, our leaders need to act, but they won’t do it without our constant pressure. I wanted to be part of this collective voice calling for a sustainable and comprehensive peace in Sudan.” Summer

For information about how to join the Darfur Fast for Life, click here.