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White House’s Cautious Reaction to ICC Warrant

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White House’s Cautious Reaction to ICC Warrant

Posted by Tom Burton on March 4, 2009

The White House has given a cautious response to the ICC arrest warrant against Sudan President, Omar al-Bashir.

Asked if the President supported the ICC warrants and what planning the Administration had for any retaliation, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said:

"…The White House believes that those who have committed atrocities should be held accountable; that as this process moves forward, that we would urge restraint on the part of all parties, including the government of Sudan; that further violence against civilian Sudanese or foreign interests is to be avoided and won’t be tolerated."

"The President and this White House are determined to support the pursuit of an immediate cease-fire and long-term peace in the region. Obviously there are many efforts that are ongoing in the region to help those that have been displaced, and the President believes those efforts should and must continue," Gibbs told White House reporters today.

Gibbs refused to go further when pressed for more specifics about the President’s support for the ICC.