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Under Review?

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Under Review?

Posted by John Norris on February 15, 2009

A funny, and somewhat surreal, exchange in the State Department briefing this last week, after a reporter asked the acting State Department Spokesman, Robert Wood, if the administration would support the work the International Criminal Court, or ICC, is “doing related to Darfur and the situation in Sudan?”

MR. WOOD: Certainly. As I said, Matt, you know, we want to see those who commit atrocities, who are responsible for atrocities taking place anywhere around the world, held accountable.

QUESTION: By the ICC, or would you prefer to see it done by some other —

MR. WOOD: Well, the ICC is undertaking a challenging effort. And we’re very – we’ve been very concerned about human rights abuses and atrocities that have taken place in Darfur. And as I’ve mentioned to you, I believe, in a previous briefing, that we’re taking a look at whether or not we are going to engage the ICC, but that review has not been completed. And as I said —

QUESTION: That’s review number what, 1,335?

MR. WOOD: You’re the only one I know keeping count. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: When do you say that you’re looking at, you know, how to engage the ICC? What does that mean? I mean, are you looking at whether to join the ICC?

MR. WOOD: Well, overall –

QUESTION: Are you looking at becoming a fully fledged member or just to, you know, write them 

MR. WOOD: We’ll have to see how the review – the outcome of the review. I just can’t give you that kind of an answer at this point.

QUESTION: Yes, but are you considering actively becoming a member of the ICC? Is it something that you’re looking at closely within your review?

MR. WOOD: What I’ve said is that we are conducting a review, and you can check with Matt for the actual number of reviews.

We here at Enough hope that review #1,335 is the lucky one.