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Tune in for Public Broadcast of ‘The Reckoning’

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Tune in for Public Broadcast of ‘The Reckoning’

Posted by Laura Heaton on July 8, 2009

At Sundance and in specialized theaters around North America and Europe, the film ‘The Reckoning’ has been educating audiences about the quest for an international justice system that began in Nuremberg after World War II and came into being as the International Criminal Court. Now, the film will fan out to the masses in their living rooms across the United States through its national broadcast premiere on July 14th.

The Reckoning follows the first six years of the International Criminal Court, from the court’s headquarters in The Hague, to the scenes of the crimes – in eastern Congo and northern Uganda – to the U.N. headquarters in New York, where the court has met some of its toughest critics. The Reckoning has a captivating way of weaving together the strong personalities of individuals into a gripping narrative, such as a young Ugandan woman who survived a rampage by the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army, passionate judges inspired by the work of establishing standards for global justice, outspoken critics of the Court, and a dynamic lead prosecutor who has become the face of the struggle to bring justice to victims in Darfur.

Crime and justice are popular subjects for movies, but rarely are they portrayed in a more compelling way than in The Reckoning, which leaves audiences asking, “What can I do to support this Court?”



As the filmmakers demonstrate, the first step is to raise awareness, and this public broadcast will do just that. So, mark your calendar for next Tuesday, July 14th and tune in to PBS at 10p.m. to watch the film. Click here for local listings for the P.O.V. documentary series on PBS.

Group screenings and watch parties around the country are being organized on and around July 14th. To find an event, click here, or plan to host a watch party in your own living room. Click here for details and to sign up.

The day after the public broadcast, Enough’s Colin Thomas-Jensen will host a live web conference Q&A, so tune in to the Enough website to watch and take part in this discussion. Come with your questions, as we will field them via a live chat. Visit Enough’s special ICC page for additional details.

Finally, for more information about the International Criminal Court,, an advocacy group affiliated with the filmmakers of The Reckoning, is a hub for all things related to international justice and will be a useful resource for viewers who want to stay engaged in the issue.

See you on Twitter (#ijcentral) and online for this important event.