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Today’s Sudan Activist Call

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Today’s Sudan Activist Call

Posted by Laura Heaton on January 14, 2010

Today’s Sudan Activist Call is on now, so click here for details about how to join in.

For the next hour we’ll be talking about the major milestones in Sudan in the year ahead, and, importantly, what U.S. activists can do to help ensure that the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts promote peace in Sudan.

The first important date is next Thursday, January 21, when the National Security Council’s deputies will meet to assess progress implementing the Sudan policy so far. This meeting provides an opportunity for activists to influence the administration’s thinking on Sudan, so we’re gearing up to release a letter to the deputies and organize some actions that activists can take.

The hub for this effort will be our new Benchmarks special page. We’ll be adding to this page in the coming days, but check it out now for a look at actions you can take today, as well as a glimpse into how this “inside baseball” phase of policy making really works.