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There’s Only One Reason to Start Something

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There’s Only One Reason to Start Something

Posted by Enough Team on March 31, 2011

This post by Michael Poffenberger, co-founder and CEO of Resolve, originally appeared on the Resolve blog.

To finish it. A few weeks back, we shared the news that your voices may be needed – in a big way – to ensure that members of Congress follow through on their commitment to make available the resources needed to see an end to the violence committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Well, we were right, and you were fairly warned. Today, we’re announcing the launch of the Start Something to Finish It campaign to secure funds for efforts to stop this crisis.

Last year, our collective efforts made history for peace by attaining the first-ever White House strategy to help stop LRA violence. But now, that victory is in jeopardy. There is real danger that Congress won’t provide the funds needed to see the LRA strategy implemented. Unless the president’s strategy is funded by Congress, new efforts to rescue the LRA’s abductees and protect people who are vulnerable to harm simply will not become reality.

We didn’t come this far only to give up when it counts. That’s where you come in.

Congress is in a tough budget climate, and when they are looking for cuts, they look first to programs that don’t have loud defenders in Washington. The people being targeted by the LRA have no voice in Washington, but you do. And for the 25 days leading up to April 25, your voice is urgently needed to remind your Members of Congress just what’s at stake if they don’t remain committed to ending the abductions and atrocities being committed by Joseph Kony and the LRA.

We’ve got a clear game plan to ensure success. Earlier this week, a number of our bipartisan champions in the House and Senate drafted a letter to the members of Congress who control the foreign aid budget calling for dedicated funds to end this crisis. In the next 25 days, we need to get as many other members of Congress as we can to sign that letter and add their voices to ours.

And we need your help. They don’t listen to us like they listen to you. Already, almost 5,000 of you have stepped up to the plate and signed our petition. It shows Congress that we are serious about making this strategy a reality. (If you haven’t signed yet, fix that right now.)

Second, help us make this message personal. You can do this by calling your members of Congress (we’ve got a suggested script ready for you) and joining an in-person lobby meeting with your elected leaders during the next 25 days. Share your story and your reason for standing with the people of central Africa. Asking your Congressional representatives to stand with you is the single most effective thing you can do right now to help this effort succeed.

Learn more of the details at our Start Something to Finish It campaign website. And join us in this campaign to help stop LRA violence and assist affected communities in rebuilding.