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Tell Electronics Companies to Change the Equation for Congo

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Tell Electronics Companies to Change the Equation for Congo

Posted by John Bagwell on May 25, 2010

Tell Electronics Companies to Change the Equation for Congo

Yesterday, Enough launched an online Facebook campaign to influence and hold those tech companies accountable who benefit from the global trade in conflict minerals that fuels violence in eastern Congo. Our Change the Equation for Congo campaign was successful a few weeks ago in pressuring members of Congress to take some crucial steps to advance the conflict minerals legislation in the House of Representatives. With a conflict minerals amendment recently incorporated into the Senate financial reform bill (amendment 3997 to S. 3217), we are gaining momentum in Washington. But the ultimate change will only come when companies who use the 3 Ts – tin, tantalum, and tungsten – and gold clean up their supply chains. 

We once again turn to you and ask for your help in urging industry leaders to be responsible corporate citizens and support final legislation that takes serious steps to stop the trade in conflict minerals. Each day this week, we’ll be asking you to take five minutes of your time to log onto Facebook and publicly ask our industry targets to take a stand. Yesterday we targeted Nintendo; today we’re asking you to take action to tell BlackBerry maker RIM that you expect them to continue supporting strong legislation to make the trade in minerals from eastern Congo more transparent. See today’s action below and stay tuned as we continue to build the pressure needed to make our electronics products conflict-free.

TAKE ACTION On Facebook Today

Click here to visit RIM’s BlackBerry Facebook page. Click the "like" button (you can undo this later) and let them know you’d like to see their continued support for strong conflict minerals legislation. We’ve drafted a sample message for you to use, but we encourage you to personalize this message and make it your own. Be creative in your approach, especially if you’re a BlackBerry user.

"RIM, we’re eager for our guaranteed conflict-free BlackBerry. You’ve made a commitment to leading on conflict minerals. Now follow through by signing this support letter for tough legislation –"

Ask your friends to take action as well. You can send them to our Change the Equation page for more information on the campaign. Thanks for your continued time and energy.