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Tell Amb. Rice: Raise LRA at U.N. Security Council

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Tell Amb. Rice: Raise LRA at U.N. Security Council

Posted by Enough Team on December 7, 2010

Tell Amb. Rice: Raise LRA at U.N. Security Council

This post originally appeared on Resolve's blog, posted by Amber.

Are you 21 or younger? Ambassador Susan Rice and the United Nations Security Council wants to hear from you.

Through December 14, Ambassador Susan Rice, President Obama’s representative to the United Nations, invites people 21 years and younger to share their opinions about what issues related to peace and security need to be on the U.N. Security Council’s December 21 meeting agenda.

This is great timing. President Obama’s strategy (pdf) to stop LRA atrocities was released on November 24 and includes a promise to work more with regional and international leaders to end this conflict. The U.N. Security Council, where world leaders gather to discuss urgent conflicts and crises, provides Ambassador Rice with a great chance to talk about the LRA. Even better, the United States is presiding over the U.N. Security Council this month, so Ambassador Rice gets to set the agenda. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the need to stop LRA violence appeared on the agenda?

If you are 21 or younger you can help make that happen. Just post your video or written entry about why Ambassador Rice should discuss the LRA in response to the question:

“What is the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing your generation? Tell the U.N. Security Council what issue you believe deserves more attention, and explain why it is important.”

Your written response can’t exceed 250 words and videos must be less than one minute long.

You can submit your entry via an email to [email protected], or by posting it on Ambassador Susan Rice’s Facebook wall, or by snail mailing it to:

ATTN: Voices of a New Generation
U.S. Mission to the UN, PPD
799 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017 

Learn more about the event here.

And, if you participate in the event and mention the LRA in your entry, please PLEASE share your entry with us.