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Taking Sudanese Voices to the Next Level

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Taking Sudanese Voices to the Next Level

Posted by Sally Smith on December 23, 2011

Taking Sudanese Voices to the Next Level

Last weekend, the Enough Project partnered with Voices for Sudan—a local nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. that works to amplify the voices of Sudanese diaspora in the U.S.— to host a media and advocacy skill-building workshop. It was designed to teach practical skills that would empower members of the diaspora to become more prominent voices in the media, on Capitol Hill, online, and in their own communities.

Twenty-four members of the diaspora attended the training, coming from as far away as Philadelphia and New York. They represented many areas of Sudan and South Sudan, including Darfur, Blue Nile, Nubia, Juba, the Nuba Mountains, Khartoum and beyond.

The four-hour training session focused on developing specific skills such as speaking to the media, developing a clear message, lobbying elected officials, organizing community members, and using social media effectively.

The training was very well received by its participants, and positive feedback, such as Motasim Adam’s comment below, has prompted  the Enough Project to plan for follow-up trainings in partnership with Voices for Sudan, as well as a future skill-building workshop for Congolese diaspora.

Motasim Adam, who participated in the training, shared his feedback with us:

Thanks so much for offering us that opportunity, it was a very successful training, it has improved the capacity of all attendees. . .Hopefully such an opportunity is repeated again so more people can absorb the benefit of it.

Photos: Voices for Sudan diaspora training at the Enough Project. (Enough Project)