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Sudan Now Campaign Encourages Emergency Aid for Sudanese Civilians

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Sudan Now Campaign Encourages Emergency Aid for Sudanese Civilians

Posted by Sally Smith on November 30, 2011

Sudan Now Campaign Encourages Emergency Aid for Sudanese Civilians

This week, following the latest round of military attacks by the Government of Sudan, the Sudan Now campaign announced a new effort aimed at encouraging the U.S. government, the United Nations Security Council, or UNSC, and the international community to take action to protect innocent civilians. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the current crisis in Sudan and calls for international leaders to take immediate action.


The campaign calls for the UNSC to demand that the Government of Sudan immediately cease offensive military flights in and over the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile, where attacks have devastated local populations. Both states border the new country of South Sudan.

The campaign also asks the U.S. government to lead the international community in protecting civilians and preparing alternative means of distributing emergency assistance in any area where denial of aid is being used as a weapon of war. The Sudanese government is currently restricting the operations of humanitarian groups in the area.

Click here for a complete list of policy recommendations.

Roughly 500,000 people from Sudan’s border areas have been displaced in the last few months by aerial bombardments and other attacks carried out by the Sudanese government. For those remaining in or returning to these areas, the risk of severe famine is great, as local farmers have been unable to tend their crops. The Government of Sudan is also suspected of bombing the Yida refugee camp across the border in South Sudan, where many Sudanese have fled to escape the violence.

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