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Sudan Activists Fault Special Envoy’s ‘Conciliatory Stance’ Toward Khartoum

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Sudan Activists Fault Special Envoy’s ‘Conciliatory Stance’ Toward Khartoum

Posted by Laura Heaton on August 16, 2009

Increasingly frustrated with the direction of US policy toward Sudan, as expressed by Special Envoy Scott Gration in testimony earlier this summer, Sudan activists from around the United States sent a letter to Gration this week outlining how they think the approach is problematic. “We fear that your approach to Sudan is at odds with the President’s promise and will quash the hopes of all Sudanese for justice, peace, and the end of the culture of impunity that has afflicted Sudan,” the letter said. Organizations representing the Darfuri diaspora and southern Sudanese signed on and were joined by prominent Sudan activist Mia Farrow. Among the criticisms articulated in the letter, the signatories criticize Special Envoy Gration’s approach for “neglecting to adequately engage with or incorporate the priorities expressed by Darfuri civil society and the Darfuri Diaspora." The activists logged their complaints with the top Obama administration officials and Congress as well, sending copies of the letter to the White House and to senators and representatives engaged on Sudan. An Arabic version of the letter was distributed to international media.

The original letter and the Arabic translation are available here and here.