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Sudan Activist Call Today

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Sudan Activist Call Today

Posted by Enough Team on March 23, 2010

Sudan Activist Call Today

Join Enough, GI-NET, and the Save Darfur Coalition this afternoon for an activist call focused on Sudan. With elections less than a month away and government-sponsored violence spiking in Darfur despite ongoing peace talks between the government and rebel groups, there’s a full agenda for today’s call. Recent developments have provoked little response from the Obama administration, so we’ll talk today about actions the advocacy community can take to generate attention to Sudan at this important moment.

Tune in at 1 p.m. EST to hear updates from Enough’s John Norris, GI-NET’s Allyson Neville, and SDC’s Martha Bixby and to get your questions answered.

Participant Dial-In Number (877) 210-8943
Conference ID # 63959838


Photo: (Creative Commons)