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STAND launches #EasyAsAPB Campaign

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STAND launches #EasyAsAPB Campaign

Posted by Enough Team on October 8, 2015

STAND launches #EasyAsAPB Campaign

Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by Enough Project Intern Amanda Schmitt.

STAND, a student-led movement that aims to end mass atrocities, has recently launched the #EasyAsAPB campaign. This campaign promotes advocacy for continued support of the Atrocities Prevention Board (APB), an interagency group initiated by the White House recognizing that preventing mass atrocities and genocide is a core national security interest and a core moral responsibility of the United States.

STAND is asking concerned citizens and student leaders to participate in the #EasyAsAPB effort by signing and sharing their petition to Congress, leading student engagement on college campuses, or tweeting with the hashtag #EasyAsAPB. In President Obama’s speech at the Holocaust museum on April 23, 2012 announcing the creation of the APB, he acknowledged:

“You understand — to quote the task force convened by this museum — ‘preventing genocide is an achievable goal.’  It is an achievable goal.  It is one that does not start from the top; it starts from the bottom up.”

Through this campaign, STAND endeavors to take another step toward this goal by galvanizing civil society support for the permanence of the APB.

Check out STAND’s website and toolkit to learn more and get involved.