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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is standing up for peace in Congo, and he wants you to join him

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is standing up for peace in Congo, and he wants you to join him

Posted by Annie Callaway on December 2, 2014

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is standing up for peace in Congo, and he wants you to join him

Don’t miss the chance on December 8th to throw the pigskin and have your photo taken with Aaron right on the frozen tundra. Then watch the game from two premium seats! Bid $10 or bid multiple times in our raffle. The winner and a guest will be flown to Green Bay to join Aaron on the field for warm-ups before the Monday Night Football showdown on December 8th against the Falcons.

Superbowl MVP and Enough celebrity upstander Aaron Rodgers wants you to join him on the field before his December 8th Monday Night Football game against the Atlanta Falcons. It only costs $10 to enter, and the funds benefit Enough’s Raise Hope for Congo Campaign.

Click here to enter. The deadline is Thursday, December 4th at 11:59pm PST.

The opportunity follows an October 2013 rally for Congo led by Rodgers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Thousands of students flocked to see him hit the stage, where he called on the power of student activism to help support an end to the conflict in Congo by addressing the issue of conflict minerals in their school's technology.

Rodgers was at UW-Madison in support of the school's Conflict-Free Campus Initiative (CFCI) chapter. Students there have called on their administration to join the growing number of schools that have passed procurement policies favoring companies that are working to become conflict-free and source their minerals responsibly from Congo.

At the rally, Rodgers emphasized the connection between the minerals in our electronics and the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and told students that they have an opportunity to break this link by joining conflict-free initiatives like CFCI. He was joined on stage by Congolese NFL rookie and Packers teammate Andy Mulumba, Entourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Congolese musician and activist Omekongo Dibinga. The renowned celebrity presence drew national attention both to UW-Madison specifically, and the need for broader conflict minerals reform nationally and even around the world.

More than 150 schools in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada have participated in CFCI since its inception. Together with their administrations, students have passed 17 procurement resolutions, with dozens more student government resolutions, on-campus events, and social media campaigns. Several cities and states have also joined the movement.

The city of Madison passed a conflict-free resolution in December 2013. Despite widespread attention on the rally, however, the UW-Madison administration has still not agreed to pass a schoolwide resolution.

Reflecting on how he got involved with the conflict-free from Congo movement, Rodgers stated, “I thought about how my legacy was going to be remembered here. I remember sitting on the bus after we won [the 2011 Super Bowl] in Dallas and thinking to myself, ‘I’m on top of the world,’ we just accomplished the most amazing goal in football. But I’m sitting here with a semi-empty feeling. I had a moment. I said to myself — ‘is this it? Is there more to life than this?’ And the answer was resoundingly yes.”

Enter now for your chance to join Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field on December 8th.