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Real Time Observations Direct From Sudanese Voters

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Real Time Observations Direct From Sudanese Voters

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on April 12, 2010

Real Time Observations Direct From Sudanese Voters

With historic elections underway, a group of Sudanese NGOs has launched an innovative project that will allow Sudan’s voters to add their voices to the international conversation about what’s happening on the ground, during and after this critical voting period., a Web platform for independent monitoring and reporting on Sudan’s elections, allows civilians around the country to report election irregularities via email, text message, or the Internet.

"Our technology is the closest thing to a real-time snapshot of what is happening on the ground during the elections. Users will have access to up-to-date information including streaming video from all over Sudan, everywhere from an election center in Khartoum to a polling station in Juba, or a remote corner of the country," said project spokesperson Fareed Zein in a press release.

Reports are published on the website, with sources’ locations conveniently mapped and analysis compiled each day. The information will certainly be invaluable, particularly to those outside of Sudan who are clamoring to hear the latest from the Sudanese voters themselves.

Want to report on your voting experience or interested in reading about what’s going on? Check out

Photo: Presidential and gubernatorial ballots for Central Equatoria State. (Maggie Fick)