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President Obama, Make the Right Decision on Sudan

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President Obama, Make the Right Decision on Sudan

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on August 25, 2010

You know what the Obamas are reading (Jonathan Franzen and John Steinbeck) and playing (Scrabble and Taboo) on their 10-day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, but what about the ads the president will see when he opens the paper each morning?

Sudan Now, a campaign led by a group of anti-genocide and human rights advocacy organizations including Enough, is running ads in both The New York Times—out today—and the Vineyard Gazette (Friday) as part of a new campaign that aims to influence President Obama’s upcoming decision on the future direction of U.S. policy in Sudan.

President Obama’s decision comes at a critical moment. The Darfur peace process has fallen apart as the security situation deteriorates, and four short months remain before a referendum that could split Sudan into two takes place. The ads, as well as a letter signed by 68 organizations, asks the president to choose a strategy that employs a balance of both incentives and pressures to urge Sudanese actors toward full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and a sustainable peace agreement in Darfur. Twenty-one years of history with the Sudanese regime demonstrates that U.S.-led multilateral leverage and support to coordinated international negotiations can achieve meaningful results.

You can help spread the message too, through any one of these actions:

  • Email or tweet President Obama, asking him to choose the proven and effective policy for Sudan.
  • Facebook the White House page and post: "Mr. President, please make the right decision on Sudan. Act on Sudan Now." or a message of your own.
  • Watch this new video from Stop Genocide Now and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.