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Prendergast on PBS, Talks About Activist Movement

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Prendergast on PBS, Talks About Activist Movement

Posted by Eileen White Read on May 30, 2009

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Enough’s co-Founder John Prendergast has a wide-ranging discussion with host Daljit Dhaliwal on the PBS international affairs program Foreign Exchange this weekend. He talks about the Obama administration’s interest in engaging with activists in the Darfur movement, but also touches on the need for the president to articulate a definitive Sudan policy and move quickly to begin implementing it with the help of international partners. Prendergast discusses hoped-for changes in Uganda that U.S. activists will push for during the upcoming June Lobby Days in Washington, D.C., and he explains the Enough Project’s work to highlight the conflict minerals trade in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and brutal sexual violence it fuels.

You can read the full interview transcript here.

The program will be broadcast Sunday, May 31, on public television stations around the country. In Washington, D.C., the program will air at 9am on WETA Channel 26 and at 10am on WHUT Channel 32. For the national schedule, click here.