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Prendergast on CNN International’s Inside Africa

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Prendergast on CNN International’s Inside Africa

Posted by Eileen White Read on May 22, 2009

This weekend, catch Enough co-Founder John Prendergast and U.S. Representative Jim McDermott on CNN-International’s Inside Africa cable television program. They’ll talk about how the mining and marketing of conflict minerals from Congo help fuel armed rebel groups and lead to sexual violence against women and girls. The minerals, tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold, end up in cell phones and other small electronic devices. A Senate bill, the Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009, would help break the link between conflict minerals and armed groups and would provide for greater accountability and transparency in the minerals marketing process. The program will air:

Saturday, 10am and 6:30pm (EST)

Sunday, Sunday, 6:30am (EST)

Tuesday, 3:30am and 10pm (EST)

A webcast of the program will be available on Inside Africa’s website on Tuesday, May 26. To learn more about conflict minerals and get involved in raising awareness about the deadly links between the minerals trade and the world’s deadliest war, visit RAISE Hope for Congo.