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Praying Together For Sudan

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Praying Together For Sudan

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on March 2, 2010

Praying Together For Sudan

Religious leaders from all walks of faith came together on Capitol Hill this morning to pray for peace in Sudan. One theme united the calls to action and prayers offered by speakers representing the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities: Peace for Sudan cannot wait; peace for Sudan must come now.

In their speeches, religious leaders drew not only from their faith, but from personal experience. Archbishop Vicken Aykazian of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America spoke of the parallels between Darfur today and the genocide of Armenians in the past. Reverend Gloria White-Hammond shared the sense of urgency and indignation among Sudanese women working for peace in Darfur: “We will not and we cannot wait. We want peace and we want it now.” Imam Johari Abdul-Malik reminded the audience of the North-South conflict that America, too, had undergone. He said, “We stand for justice, equality, human rights, and religious freedom.”

The prayer breakfast, organized by the Interfaith Sudan Working Group, was followed by a unique advocacy push. Hoping to stir members of the House and Senate into action, the organization dropped off copies of the popular children’s book Humpty Dumpty in each office, as a reminder of how fragile the situation in Sudan is right now.  


Photo: Board Chair Emeritus of Lutheran World Relief Kirk Betts speaks at the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast for Peace in Sudan. (Enough/Amanda Hsiao)