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In Photos: International Women’s Day in D.C.

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In Photos: International Women’s Day in D.C.

Posted by Laura Heaton on March 9, 2010

Across 18 countries, at 103 events, women and men gathered to commemorate International Women’s Day yesterday as part of the Join Me on the Bridge global event sponsored by Women for Women International. Enough’s RAISE Hope for Congo campaign partnered with Women for Women International for the Washington, D.C. event.

We met yesterday at noon at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial and marched across the Memorial Bridge toward the Lincoln Memorial. With bright blue sky as a backdrop, participants held high their posters and banners calling for “Equal Rights Now” and “End Rape Against Congo Women.” Among the more than 100 people who turned out, the crowd included students from local universities, women who sponsor survivors through Women for Women International’s Congo network, and a group of Congolese women from Belgium who are visiting D.C. (they’ve launched their own advocacy organization, Collectif des Femmes Congolaises pour la Paix et la Justice). I spoke to a woman from Iraq who recently resettled in the United States and is looking for ways to stay connected to women at home. An inspiring young woman from Washington, D.C., told me about her own experience with domestic violence. “If we don’t take action, if I don’t take action, the perpetrators win,” she said.

In Rwanda, Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and New York City, similar conversations were undoubtedly taking place between participants connected by their shared passion to help end global violence against women. Now the key is for all of us to spread the word.

Throughout the month of March, Enough’s RAISE Hope for Congo campaign is coordinating its own activities and highlighting other ways to get involved in the movement through partner organizations. Visit our International Women’s Day special page for details.